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TruTek Academy Training Request Letter

TruTek Academy Training Request Letter/Email

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// Subject: Request for cybersecurity training from TruTek Academy

Dear [Decision Maker Name],

I’m writing to discuss my interest in taking the [Course Name] training that is provided by TruTek Academy in format that will not impact my work responsibilities. The live-online course takes place in the evening [use what day(s) class is offered] starting Month DD, YYYY and ending on Month DD, YYYY.

I am requesting financial support for the cost of tuition and laid out details below to show you the value that this training will bring to [Company Name] and to my team.

// [Course Name] Training Description

---- Add course/training description here using the Training Syllabus ----

// Course Objectives

Once I’ve completed the [Course Name], I’ll be able to:

---- List all applicable course objectives using the Training Syllabus ----

// Cost & Course Length

[Course Name] # of Months $00

Course Length: [Add Course Hours Here]

// Conclusion

I would be extremely grateful for your investment in my continuing education. By empowering me to attend this training and further develop my professional skills, I am confident I will contribute even more to the success of [Company]

Thank you in advance for your help in contributing to my career success and professional development goals.

[your signature here]

Note To Student: Please remove all highlights, font colors, and special symbols and characters on final Letter/Email once completed using as guide.

Additional course information can be found on the TruTek Academy Website at www.trutekacademy.com

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