Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

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  • When is the next boot camp?

    Check upcoming classes.

  • What background would I need to have in order to enroll in the boot camp?

    In depth research that you are confident in the course you are choosing. All other pre-requisite are built in the training. 

  • What does TruTek training programs comes with?

    TruTek Academy training programs come with a Interview Prep, Resume Building, LinkedIn Profile Revamp, Coaching Sessions, and Group Presentations presented by other Tech Career Professionals.

  • Do we get certifications during this training?

    TruTek Academy does not certify students however you are sent opportunities and study guides in which you can use to study and obtain your own certs whether free or paid.

    Student will only receive a certificate of completion which will show that you completed the training.

  • Can students take classes self-paced?

    Yes, unless self-paced is not yet available for the requested training of choice.

  • How does payment plans work?

    You put down a deposit ($500) and TruTek will create a payment plan for the remaining payments. All payments have to be made during the training on designated dates.

  • What's the average cost of tuition for TruTek's Training Programs?

    Between $2,000-7,000 USD.

  • Are there payment plans available?

    Yes, usually between 4-6 interest free installments as payment options.

  • What is the withdrawal / refund policy?

    A pro-rated refund will be given up until Week 2 of class. Please Adhere to the Refund Policy.

    Financing: If you withdraw within the refund period, and you financed tuition, we'll pro-rate your refund and lower the balance of your loan accordingly. You'll still be responsible for making the associated payments for your remaining balance.

  • Do I have to use TruTek Academy preferred Lending Partner to finance tuition?

    No, we only recommend our lending partner, but students are free to use any lender of their choice.  Here is a list of 10 alternatives.

  • When is tuition due? What payment methods are accepted?

    We accept bank transfer (preferred), credit cards, cash, and checks (any bounced checks will incur a fee).

  • How much is the deposit, and is it refundable?

    $500 USD. The $500 deposit initial deposit to reserve your seat in training session and is refundable if you decide not to continue up to two (2) weeks into the training. See refund policy as some restrictions may apply.

  • Can I use GI Bill® funds, VET TEC, or WIOA towards tuition?

    TruTek Academy is NOT eligible to accept GI BILL, VET TEC, or VRRAP funding. 

  • Can I use Pell grants or Federal student loans?

    TruTek Academy is NOT eligible to accept Pell grants or Student loans.

  • How long will it take for me to get job?

    It varies by students as some students don't put as much work and commitment compared to others.

    The average time frame to obtain a new job for most of our students has been between 3 - 6 months post training. However, TruTek Academy students with serious commitments average around 4 to 16 weeks post training completion to receive an offer.

  • Do you guarantee job placement after the training?

    No, TruTek Academy cannot guarantee employment, salary, or career advancement. The experience and success of some students may not be representative of all students.

    TruTek Academy gets to know about openings through our Alumni network. So, we are in a good place to help students get placed. However, we only refer students who are committed to learning and show considerable progress throughout the course “We cannot help students who do not want to help themselves.”

    We also strongly recommend to students NOT TO RELY only on our references and encourage and help students to use various career sites for searching for jobs.

  • Will I get a job?

    On average, 95% of active job seekers get hired within 4-16 weeks. Working with our career coaches, students will develop a tailored road map for their job search that will help them navigate their job search successfully.

  • How do you help me in getting a job?

    Students are supported in their job search with job preparation integrated throughout the training experience. Students receive coaching about their job search strategy, LinkedIn, resume, and professional networking. After graduation, you also have access to a career coach to support you in your job search.

  • Does TruTek Academy provide services to international students and clients?

    TruTek Academy currently only able to provide services to students located in the US, UK, and Canada.

    Students outside of those areas are open to enroll but at their own discretion as international employment is not our specialty.

  • Will I get to know others in this Live-online Training?

    Yes, students form a close community with classmates and alumni. During your live online classes, you’re face-to-face with other students in your cohort and in your small groups (5-8 students). Students and instructors also communicate daily through Teams and have access to our alumni channel to build a network with 100+ other TruTek graduates.

  • What makes cybersecurity such a rewarding career?

    Cybersecurity is a rapidly expanding field. This has created a shortage of cybersecurity professionals, resulting in numerous positions that need to be filled. If you enjoy fast-paced work where you’re always learning, you’ll excel in a cybersecurity career.

  • How many students are in a class?

    Our average class size is currently 15-30 students. Your cohort may have more or less, as there is some seasonality in enrollment, but we always maintain an efficient and effective classroom environment.

  • Are any prerequisites needed to enroll?

    You can enroll without any prior IT or Cybersecurity experience. However, incoming students are expected to be familiar with basic cybersecurity concepts and computer networking. Start with watching this Introduction to Cybersecurity course to learn the basics and prepare for the training.

  • How many hours a day will I be learning?

    Students are expected to spend a total of 20 hours per week on Cybersecurity training studies, including in-class and individual work. On average, individual work is about 8 hours a week.

  • What equipment do I need?

    Windows (strongly suggested) or Mac laptop or desktop computer using Intel or AMD 64-bit processors. Our curriculum is written with the assumption of a Windows that every will have one so that is our strongest suggestion.


    Intel core i3 10th generation (or newer), 8+ GB RAM Memory, at least 150GB of free storage space.

    Reliable broadband internet for streaming class.

    Camera and microphone (laptop built-in should be fine).


    Intel core i5 10th gen (or newer), 8+ GB RAM Memory, 512 GB SSD (with at least 15+ GB available).

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Chromebooks and iPads are NOT sufficient. Also, Apple computers seems to have compatibility with several important tools used during training.

  • How can I ask more questions?

    Reach out anytime, our team is here to help. You can schedule a call or send us an email. We look forward to chatting!

  • Are bootcamps worth it?

    Yes, bootcamps are worth it if you want to start a new tech career without going back to college. Bootcamps are a much quicker and less expensive option than a university degree. Plus, you will work on real-world projects and build your professional portfolio while in the bootcamp.

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