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The Governance, Risk, & Compliance (GRC) Training is a key aspect of overall risk management of cyber security programs. Risks and vulnerabilities in vendors, suppliers, or other third-party environments can quickly become risks and vulnerabilities that affect organization environment.
  • Laptop with 8gb RAM minimum (Windows PC Preferred)
  • Webcam (built-in is fine)
  • Access to MS Office 365 Suite and Adobe Acrobat Pro DC
  • High-speed Internet access.
  • Noise cancelling headset with microphone is Required.
  • All prerequisites are built into the program
  • Manage, lead, or support periodic information risk assessments and audits to ensure that information systems are adequately protected.
  • Lead or support the implementation of compliance programs (ISO 27001, SOC2 Type 2, PCI-DSS, etc.).
  • Lead internal organizational audits to strengthen internal controls and improve business processes changes.
  • Track and maintain Risk Register/Action Plans for the resolution of issues identified during assessments and audit.
  • Develop or support the development/review of organizational policies, standards, and procedures.
  • Document, maintain and analyze compliance with IT controls, standards, procedures, and policies.
  • Coordinate with internal / external auditors, prepare control owners, review, and collect required evidence as needed to meet compliance requirements.
  • Develop metrics/reporting for senior management to track compliance.
  • Identify the importance and functions of Cybersecurity Third Party Risk Management Compliance and Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance in Cybersecurity program management.
  • Describe the structure and content of Cybersecurity-related strategy, plans, and planning.

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