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Security Controls Assessment provides a current and well-developed approach to evaluation and testing of security controls to prove they are functioning correctly in today's IT systems.
  • All prerequisites are built into the program
  • Prepare for upcoming assessment
  • Send SCA Initiation Email Notification
  • Perform preliminary review of system documentations
  • Conduct SCA Kick-off Meeting
  • Evidence Request List (ERL)/Provided by Client (PBC)
  • Prepare and Develop a Security Assessment Plan (SAP)
  • Conduct SCA Demo with Technical Team – If Applicable
  • Populate Security Requirement Traceability Matrix (SRTM) with controls in scope for Assessment
  • Conduct Security Control Assessment on SRTM
  • Create a Security Assessment Report (SAR)
  • Develop a Plan of Action and Milestones (POA&M)
  • Update Systems Security Plan (SSP) utilizing selected controls and overlays
  • Compile Annual/Re-Authorization ATO or Security Authorization Package for On-Premises/ Cloud Systems
  • Communicate and negotiate effectively in business and professional settings

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